A CSS spirit quest

Our development team recently held an internal ‘mini-conference’, during which most of the developers got a chance to present on a topic of interest. The idea was to talk about something relevant to our professional development, but also something that we are really passionate about.

Probably as much to my surprise as everyone else’s, I’ve recently become very passionate about writing good quality CSS, and decided to give a talk on the subject. I’ve been writing a lot of CSS over the past few months, as part of some really cool front-end redesign projects our team has been working on. I found that the more I cared about following CSS best practices, and the stricter I tried to be with myself in following them, the easier (and more fun) the process became. I think all developers could benefit from treating CSS as a legitimate discipline worthy of serious study, and in doing so would probably find their disdain for it subsiding.

You can view my full presentation on why we should care about CSS best practices here.